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The most comprehensive bill pay & money transfer financial banking center ever created.

  •  New upgraded ATM /Money transfer with Bill pay.

  • State of the art operating SW including proven biometric verification for "KYC"Know your customer federal requirements.

  • Banks customers, Credit Union's members and municipalities' constituents benefit from mutual collaboration in services provide by new ATM/Payment center.


 LD Systems Kiosk Series

Small Footprint. Solid Design.

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Accepts Wide Variety of Optional Components

ADA Compliant Screen Placement

Designed for Simple Field Service

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LDS Kiosk Exterior

Exterior Through The Wall 24/7

Systems Is providing Bill Payment Kiosks with rea

l time posting for your government and o-premise locations such as grocery stores, malls and libraries, just to name a few...

One of the most widely deployed models in the world, the LD Series Kiosk is designed for simple field service with hinged or front access service doors.

  • ADA compliant screen placement providing self-service options to all your customers.

  • This kiosk is designed to accept a wide variety of optional components from bio-metrics to printers, wireless modules to card readers.

Quote: “80% of credit card transactions are Visa and now the option to recoup those convenience fees because the kiosk is an unmanned transaction”.

Through the Wall and Drive up multimedia kiosks with outstanding configuration flexibility.

The sleek streamlined design and durable construction make this series of kiosks an ideal model for most any kiosk application.

The attractive curved face and trim options can be customized to complement any environment. The LD Series offers generous 17” and 19” LCD’s with additional overhead display options to incorporate digital signage in your marketing mix.

This kiosk can be finished with your color and trim preference, logo and advertising materials for the greatest consumer impact and corporate brand reinforcement.

Possible payments for:

  • Property Tax

  • DMV

  • Fines and Fees

  • Citations

  • Scofflaw Fines

  • Utilities

  • Toll Tags

  • Business Tax

  • Vanity Plates