S-140 Heavy Duty Coin Counters / Offsorters

S-100 Series Heavy Duty Coin Counters / Offsorters

Heavy Duty High Capacity Electric Coin Counter with Bagging and Packaging/Wrapping functions.  Batch

settings 1-9999 for bagging and packaging.  Offsorter function separates coins by size.  Extra large

hopper with automatic feeder for larger coin volumes.  For stationary applications.

The Semacon S-100 Series Heavy Duty Coin Counters / Offsorters are designed for high volume applications and are used by banks, credit unions, retailers, vending machine operators, amusement operators, laundries, car washes and other industries all over the world.  These machines feature heavy duty construction, high speed and ease of use.

 The series includes two electric models:  a portable medium capacity machine and a stationary high capacity machine with an automatic regulated feeding system.  Both models can sort mixed coins one size at a time.  These machines include bagging capability and optional packaging (rolling) capability.